Volley&Bayonet for Samurai Armies 1550-1615

Daimyo Tokugawa Commando Stand 15mm

Daimyo Tokugawa Commando Stand 15mm

I just published my already done 1998/99 adaption of the American rules Volley & Bayonet (1st edition) by Frank Chadwick here on my revised website.

The adaption is particularly suitable for the simulation of large Samurai battles as Nagashino 1575, Shizugatake 1583 and maybe even 1600 Sekigahara. Anyone who wants to play the major battles, should look at the adaption here.

And below you will find the complete order of battle, and many other information for playing the Battle of Nagashino: here.


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Takeda Daimyo Commando Stand (15mm figure)

Takeda Daimyo Commando Stand (15mm figures)

With my exotic theme “Samurai” I am specializing in the Sengoku Jidai period, the era of the Warring States, leading to the unification of Japan.

More about it on my page: Samurai

I am working on different Samurai related themes at the Moment which wioll be published om their own pages.