My weppage continued …

I had to move suddenly – with more then 2.000 painted and even more unpainted figures a difficult task. Therefore I had no new content  on my just launched webpage for some monthes  but now this page will be continued …

Elb´s new Webpage

Berserk with hornFinally I have  managed to give my at least 10 year old webpage, still created with the historical FrontPage a new design. I have not yet published the entire contents of my old webpage, but I will do this the next weeks.  Certainly there will be new content. I will report on this blog about all changes on my webpage. Then and now my webpage is used for my personal hobbies, especially the collecting, painting  and the wargaming with historical miniatures but in addition also the wargaming with board games and my other hobby “Kendo – japanese sword fighting“. Since I prefer webpage -style , this blog is mainly used to report on new content of my website but is used too for all I want to talk about my hobbies, but which are not appropriate to put it on my Webpage.

Blog and webpage are bilingual – German and English. Please execuse all english errors on blog and on my Webpage. English is not my native language.

And here is the link to the homepage of my new webpage:

Historical Miniatures