Tiger und Jagdpanther verteidigen 1 Dorf

Old German – Austrian Rules for Scenarios 1930 to 1950

To play military szenarios after 1930 members of our club have rediscovered some 40 years old german/austrian rules (unfortunately only in German):


für militärische Lagen von 1930 bis 1950 mit einem Anhang für die neueste Zeit

verfasst von Ing. Herbert Hahn überarbeitet und herausgegeben von Friedrich Schirmer und Dr. Fritz Winter Burgdorf/Hannover und Wien 1960 abgedruckt in “Die Zinnfigur” Sonderheft 3, 1960

 A Planspiel (szenario played with “Planspielregeln”) looks like this:


Because the authors did not know the tabletop rules nowadays they had developed other mechanisms as other rules. And because the authors had been professionell military officers they have their own points of view.

For the game you need a different military briefing for both sides. Very important is to organise supply for the fighting units.

The authors obviously want to simulate a military situation and do not want to think in terms of winning therefore they did not develop any victory conditions.

                You can play “Planspiel” with great figures and models what looks quite well:


The Armies

For Planspiel you need armies of metal miniatures: (coming soon)